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Her hand touched my face as her words left a trace of a cloud in the air Wednesday December 13th. “The distance” she said, “will have our hearts torn apart” But I would rather have half than no heart at all. then for a moment a glimpse of her face appeared in the glass through the fog and the rain. I reached out to nothing. Bound by darkness I awoke suddenly. The horrors of reflecting Every thread stitched in debt to your impartial love and your will to force a smile through regret. Your intentions they quietly ripped at my sides. Did you find what you wanted? Was I a burden or the light in your eyes? I could never look directly into them. Anchor your ghost so I can rest my head. Everything beautiful is gone. I will spend every waking hour Staring at the sun.
I am always gone. I am always trying to fan the flames in my heart, but it seems the engine always stops. I hope these apologies still hold their weight as elegies. We are all lost and dying. I learned that lost souls eventually stumble onto home. “so Godspeed your steam engine heart, may your flames burn as bright as the sun”
In death we find solace through words and condolences. I saw a light slowly fading into dark. You always kept your inconsistencies spaced this far apart. Longing for the warmth of your breath but it was cold and it was lifeless. How we’ve outgrown those youthful fears, yet were haunted by emptiness. You must have mistaken comfort for love, but I, I was left in your cloud of dust with your knife and the blood that I so willingly lost. But most of me was already gone. And the shadows cast by our torches were eager but thin as they converged and then danced apart again. What we wished we had known back then: Mistakes that would revert to old ways then come to haunt us in the end And it took us by surprise, when the earth opened and swallowed us whole; we didn’t know that the lies would take us quicker than the plummet ever would.
Your bones were weak so I wrapped you in pain And let you lay quietly. Then I listened for a memory to surface, To take its last gasping breath before the tide pulled it back under. I wasn’t your face but the pain That forced me to stay. How the flowers wilted away As they were left on your grave. Every cut deepened, I’ve been bleeding But trying to. That fire in your eyes has gone. Always the bluest. forever you and i. We will be dancing on our graves And singing joyfully at our wake. You had my heart in your grasp. I was so close I could almost rip it from your hands. You slowly sank back into my mind, softly singing our last goodbyes.
I am not beautiful to anyone anymore. The golden days of my youth have dissolved. But ill keep going, cutting my path, bidding farewell to everything I’ve loved then torn apart. I’ve never faltered through failed hearts. Lifting burdens with tired hands and swearing on loved ones graves ill keep to myself and leave longing in my wake. Pushing forward. Forgetting memories forged in me.
I took the darkest path with hopes to find a light. My only torches burning at the end of their life. I stepped into my own coffin searching for you but you were waiting on the outside, In a hollow of pain and hindsight. We searched for each other in the dark, you found patience, I found lost love. And so on and so forth. Asphyxiated, my lungs come undone.
I caught your dreams and made them into a beautiful scene. One that I could see. Though I only wrote in fractions of phrases you still understood me. How easily we fall apart. How quickly we lose touch when yours is all I want. But I cant seem to remember exactly what it felt like in your arms. Under the weight of my hand the canvas tore, The palette crashed to the floor Causing her sienna smile to grow muddy and dull. I drank the turpentine down And laid motionless hoping for warmth. I was dreaming of her. It came crashing suddenly. I have yet to sweep up my heart but if you search hard enough you’ll find love within its dust.
She stood posed in photographs Standing straight like a statuette. The colors faded from age like the memories of the flowers on her dress. Then I felt the infinite weight in the air that recedes but always hangs above me. To swoop down with a thought of her. To keep my heart always breaking. How I pray for death. But every chance I get, I tie the rope around the prayers instead. I missed the line between you and forget. One thousand angels could not fill your absence and the portraits begun were left blank and unfinished. I tried to complete them but what good are memories when they’re all that’s left. Renoir would have turned in his grave when my lines failed to define your face. I found a dried rose in my carrier and I swear I remembered you. Just a glimpse, Just a passing photograph in the bedlam of my mind. You see its things like your smile that I can’t lose, no matter how hard I try. Did death greet you warm or did it grab you by the wrists and drag you down with it?


Baltimore-based trio Whenskiesaregray are back with the follow up to their well received 2013 EP, What Can Not Be Reversed. Produced by Pianos Become the Teeth guitarist Mike York, the band’s new self titled LP seamlessly moves from the screamo/melodic hardcore blend fans have come to expect, to working in elements of metal, grunge, and indie rock.


released March 31, 2015

-Music written and performed by Brandon Winter/Tyler Meushaw/Eric Dudley
-Additional performance (Cello) by Bora Chung on Bloodletting
-Engineered/Mixed/Produced by Michael York
-Mastered by Dan Coutant @ Sun Room Audio
-Artwork by Colin Campbell
-Released on Mayfly Records 2015


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whenskiesaregray Baltimore, Maryland

Hardcore from Baltimore, MD.

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